This is Me!

Bani Bali - Artist



Hi!  I have never journaled, I’ve always doodled.  Art has been my form of self expression for as long as I can remember.  Many of my drawings depict personal experiences and often have a humorous note to them.

I have always loved the colours and whimsy of Naive Art, which has had a big influence on me.  I also do a lot of Indian tribal and folk art, its simplicity and intricacy really appeals to me.  Recently I’ve been drawn to paper cutting and ‘am currently working in that medium.  It requires a lot of patient and concentration and I find it very calming.





2004 – Annex Patio Art Show

2004 – St. Clair St. Art Walk

2005 – Vernissage Art Event, The Junction Art Festival, Annex Patio Art Show and St. Clair St. Art Walk

2007 – Guelph Downtown Festival

2008 – St. Clair St. Art Walk Open market

2010 – Wychwood Barn Raiser in Toronto

2013 – The Super Wonder Show

2013 – The Super Naughty Show

2013- The Return of the Super Monster Show

2013- The Art Galleria Expo

2014- The Sci Fi Show

2014- An end of all things

2014- The Big Top

2015- The Super Naughty Show

2015- The Retro TV Show

2015- The Super Holy Show

2015- The Super Big Top Show